28.07 Neljapäev / Thursday – Ringi 11 II korrus

          17.15 Venitus / stretching

          19.00 Instructors’ meeting

 29.07 Reede / Friday – Ringi 3 II korrus

          10.15 Venitus – köied & varbad / stretching – ropes & toes

          11.45 Töötuba – tammetõrud / Workshop
17.15 Sonkyo
19.00 Jutampo

 30.07 Laupäev / Saturday – Ringi 3 II korrus

          10.15 Venitus – uued harjutused / Stretching – new exercises
11.45 Küünenaha meetod / Nail method 

          17.00 Bon-bon + Jomon
19.00 Jutampo

 31.07 Pühapäev / Sunday – Ringi 11 II korrus

          10.00 Venitus / stretching
11.30 Selg + varbad / Back + toes 

Kazuko Kuratomi homepage :

Kuratomi method is a four dimensional method.
This earth is constantly moving slightly, but our body can not feel this movement. The place where Estonia was yesterday is different from where Estonia is today.
There are autonomous nervous systems in our bodies which we can not feel but they are still affecting us unconsciously.
Kuratomi method approaches peripheral nerves, brain stem and spine which are closely connected with mitochondria.
It is not quite clear what affects the peripheral nerves between cells. Carcinoma arising from a stress is closely related to mitochondria. It is said that the reproduction of cancer cells is disturbed when exposed to fever, not just any heat but the light emitted by the mitochondrial energy.
Recent study has found that mitochondrial determines the rate of cell division. Cancer might ruin this rhythm.
For some people cancer cells have disappeared in one day from their bodies. How could that happen?
Activation of the mitochondrial speeds up the rotation and if this speed exceeds the speed of cancer cells then cancer can be cured indeed.
The chest chakras are important for mitochondrial activation. Are love and caring important when someone is ill?
The mitochondrial passed down from mother to daughter is deeply connected with the breast milk that contains copper ions.
During the process of cancer treatment it is ultimately important to take a deep look into your soul and change the way of thinking. Healing can not take place if a change in the framework of life does not occur.
Activation of mitochondria was the beginning of human race.
Cancer is a kind of a messenger that tells us that it is time to create a new kind of civilization.
Has the new era started where real treatment occurs through genuine creativity and love?
The treatment that our foremothers used is based on our spiritual wisdom. It would lead us to the techniques of activating mitochondria through experiencing, and it would show us how to realize our creativity.

I believe it is the time for women to start finding out many things in order to be a leader of mitochondria healing in the future.

I think we should educate woman who would inherit mitochondria.

Jomon shindo book in Japan soon.

Kazuko Kuratomi